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Man with knife in Central Park facing felonious assault charge

A 25-year-old Milford resident who had recently left a sober living home is facing a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon after a disturbing incident with a bloodied knife in Central Park on March 27.

Police received a 911 call around 7:21 p.m. from a teenager who had been playing basketball in Central Park with three friends. The teen reported a male with bloodied wrists had a large kitchen knife and was walking towards the group. The boys ran towards their car and the man followed, and “started charging” at them, according to the police report. The suspect never spoke to the teenagers, just stood at the driver’s side door with the knife still in his hand. The boys locked the car, drove away and called 911.

When police arrived, the first officer observed the suspect walking on the basketball court with the knife on the ground 5-10 feet away from him. The suspect complied with orders to get on the ground and the officer was able to toss the knife further away from the suspect until back-up arrived. Once another officer arrived to assist, the suspect was advised he would get medical treatment after officers secured him. He did not have any additional weapons on him, and commented to police he wanted to die. He was turned over to EMS for medical treatment and transported to Providence Hospital in Novi with a police escort.

There was also a woman with her 10-year-old son present at the basketball court when the incident occurred. She later told police she saw the man with the knife walking at a brisk pace towards the teenagers and was worried he was going to stab them. As the teens scattered to their car, she and her son ran home from Central Park.

The suspect is set to appear in 52-1 District Court in Novi on April 13 on one charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Milford resident reports being scammed on fireplace job

On March 12, a resident of S. Shoreline Drive in Milford Township came to the police station to file a fraud complaint. The incident dates back to Oct. 22, when the victim’s husband gave a $1,350 deposit to the owner of a masonry business out of Howell to construct a stone fireplace. The homeowners accepted his quote for $2,700 in labor and provided a 50 percent deposit. The business owner cashed the check but never returned to begin construction. He eventually communicated with the couple in January, stating he had personal problems that prevented him from performing the work and he would refund the deposit. After two months passed without a refund, nor any further communication, the couple filed a police report. The incident is being investigated.

Teenager gets truck stuck in mud at Central Park, cited for careless driving

On March 11, around 9:51 p.m., a 16-year-old Highland boy approached a police officer who was locking up the bathrooms in Central Park and stated he got his truck stuck in the mud by the park pavilion. The teen told the officer he was driving with friends and “thought it would be cool” to go off-roading. He got into mud and tried to get out, but his efforts made it worse and the truck sunk approximately six to eight inches into the mud. He said when he saw the officer at the bathrooms, he wanted to confess the incident. He said he did not intend to damage the grass, he just wanted to impress his friends.

A tow truck was called to pull the truck out of the mud and the teen was cited for careless driving.

Commercial truck stopped on Peters Road; driver arrested on felony warrant

On April 1, police stopped a commercial truck headed south on Peters Road, due to the posted prohibited truck route. The driver advised he was using a residential delivery route, but since he had no deliveries on Peters or Huron, the officer advised the residential delivery did not apply to him. The driver provided his Georgia driver’s license, which, when run through LEIN/SOS revealed three warrants for his arrest: a felony burglary and larceny warrant out of Georgia and a failure to appear on an improper class endorsement bond out of Garden City, Michigan.

The driver was arrested and Cherokee County, Georgia was contacted to extradite the suspect back to Georgia.

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