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Huron Valley and Walled Lake school board results

*Bold, starred candidates denote winners

Huron Valley Board of Education

The Huron Valley Board of Education will have two newcomers – Michelle Ryan and Jacob Dimick, for six-year terms; as well as incumbent Amy Grzymkowski for a six-year term and incumbent Lindsay Cotter for a two-year term.

Six -year term

*Amy Grzymkowski, 9,499

*Michelle Ryan,  8,800

*Jacob Dimick,  7,659

Denise Forrest, 7,600

Ryan Dolley, 6,578

Joseph Pilchowski, 5,923

Becky Zimmerman, 5,000

Carol Nagy, 3,563

Debbie Lennis, 2,563

Benjamin Duby, 2,029

Two-year term

*Lindsay Cotter, 10,826

Shannon Pickering, 8,742

Walled Lake Consolidated School District Board of Education

Walled Lake Consolidated School District’s Board of Education will have three new members: Julie Fernandez, Shayna Levin, and Christy Tice.

*Julie Fernandez, 15,169

*Shayna Levin, 14,228

*Christy Tice, 12,939

Christopher Titus, 12,533

Susie Muzbeck Crafton, 10,653

Becky Spagnuolo, 10,511

Nancy van Leuwen, 10,455

WLCSD’s Building and Site Sinking Fund Tax Renewal Proposition

*Yes  30,242

No 18,566

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