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O’Brien House Fire

To the editor:

Thank you! Thank you all for all your help!

Thank you to the White Lake, Waterford, Highland, Independence and West Bloomfield fire departments, along with all the other volunteer fire departments. I really believe that your efforts saved our neighbors’ homes. A special thanks to the White Lake Police department.

Thank you, family, friends and neighbors, for all your help! From food, clothes and funds. You guys helped with everything, and all we can do is say THANK YOU! Thank you, Roger and Barb, for putting us up in your house for the time being while you are out of town. Thank you everyone for all the generous clothes donations when all we had were the clothes on our back. Thank you everyone for the generous funds to help use through this time. Thank you!

When they were putting up the wall to contain the remnants of our house, one of the workers said, “This is crazy, I’ve never seen so much support from neighbors. You don’t understand this never happens. There is never this much help!” Which surprised us because we have always been there to help others and now you all are here for us. Thank you!

This is going to be a long process, but we are not putting anyone in the ground and we thank God for that! We lost stuff, stuff that can be replaced. It’s time for the next chapter but we need to say thank you for everything everyone is doing for us. THANK YOU! Also, go buy yourself a heavy-duty fire proof safe. You can thank us later.

— Mark, Juliann, Kevin, Matthew and
Michael O’Brien


The Resistance Movement

To the editor:

When I wrote the original letter concerning the resistance movement, I knew I would soon see the usual liberal “talking points” in response.

So, it was gratifying to see the informed letter from Judy W. who clearly stated the reasons for Trump’s victory and continued success in office despite the incalculable odds against him.

Meanwhile, those libs who ingest their political acumen from watching “The View” or MSNBC (the channel that implores ISIS to destroy Trump and Trump Tower) have not a whit of insight into our president. It’s truly hilarious to see the left disparage everything Trump demonstrates he stands for: economic equality, concern for the disadvantaged, free speech, safety for all Americans, equal rights for women, safe cities with great education for all, racial equality, and the list goes on. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. A clear contrast between the doer and the do-nothing but harm policies of Obama.

I suggest you, the misinformed, go to California and join the ninnies at the University of California at Berkley where you’ll find the real opposition to free speech. And, while there, hook up with the architect of Michigan’s lost decade, Jennifer Granholm, another do-nothing favorite of yours.

— Marvin L.
Commerce Township


“Thank you, Maxon’s Tree Service”

To the editor:

Crossroads Free Will Baptist Church would like to publicly thank Maxon’s Tree Service for offering to trim our Oak Tree at no cost to us. He did a wonderful job.

— Tom Monte


Millions of Dollars

To the editor:

Donors gave millions of dollars for Trump’s inaugural events. Those happenings included a smaller parade, lacked numerous spectators and did not have elaborate, special programs when compared with that lavish occasion when Obama became president. One can assume the costs were minimal, also.

We citizens have questions about the money. Where is the money? Who or what group is in charge of the unspent millions of dollars? Is the Republican National Committee handling the dollars? Is someone in the White House in charge? Why wasn’t the public made aware? How are the funds being used? How will it be used? Where is transparency?

Perhaps these donations will be used to support Republican candidates in all the states during the mid-term elections and in the election in 2020? I urge citizens to contact representatives and senators in Congress to demand answers to these questions.

All persons in the U.S. must be active, wary, knowledgeable and vigilant about civics in order to restore democracy.

— Hannah D.
Commerce Township


Beware of Dave Trott’s Environment

To the editor:

Despite his politically expedient support of funding the GLRI, Dave Trott’s voting record on pro-environment legislation is one of the worst in Congress. We need to monitor what Trott actually does when we are not looking:

• Trott voted yes on the “EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2017”, which would undermine the ability of the Science Advisory Board to provide independent, objective and credible scientific advice to the EPA. It would weaken conflict-of-interest protections and would limit the participation of subject experts. Why, Mr. Trott?

• Trott voted yes on the so-called “HONEST Act”, which would endanger public health by making it extremely difficult for the EPA to use the best available science. The bill contains favorable exemptions for industry and would restrict the health studies that the EPA is able to use by requiring that data is shared with anyone willing to sign a vague confidentiality agreement. Why, Mr. Trott?

Trott also did the following, despite his rhetoric that he is for protecting the environment (only when it suits him):

• Trott voted yes on overturning the stream protection from mountaintop removal coal mining. The Stream Protection Rule provides communities with basic information they desperately need about toxic water pollution caused by nearby coal mining operations.

• Trott voted yes on overturning the rule on methane waste from oil and gas on public lands. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s methane and natural gas rule is a commonsense policy that requires the oil and gas industry to reduce venting, flaring and leaks at industry operations on public and tribal lands by deploying methane mitigation technology.

Beware of Trott as he states he is “protecting us.”

— Michele P.
Commerce Township

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MILLIONS OF DOLLARS : I can only assume by this letter that it is from a obama fan , a democrat , a liberal , a snowflake or some other group that is upset because they did not get their way. THIS CONCERN FOR THE MONEY IS WAY TO LATE , WHERE WAS THIS CONCERN WHEN obama WAS WASTING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS . Here are the same words that all the anti obama people were told , PRESIDENT TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT , HE DID WIN THE ELECTION , NOW GET OVER IT . Yes people should start getting involved but for the right reasons , we need to stop tearing down historical monuments , we need to take care of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE be for anyone else , we need to make the AMERICAN PEOPLE SAFE be for we worry about anyone else . THIS IS AMERICA , OUR COUNTRY , OUR HERITAGE , OUR WAY OF LIFE , IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT LEAVE . John M.