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Letters to the Editor

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Response to Tim S. and “The Resistance Movement”

Dear Editor:

In eight years, Barack Hussein Obama has obliterated the Democratic Party. The democrats lost over 958 state legislative seats, 12 governors and 69 House members since Barack Obama was elected. Resistance indeed. Your words, Tim S. And it is the resistance of We the People in 2016 against fascism, racism, misogyny and poverty that was accrued after eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party. That is why We the People elected President Donald J. Trump, to insure the power grab of our Constitution and the power grab of our freedom comes to an end.

Judith W.
Commerce Township


Response to David Scott One Minute Interview

Dear Editor:

I wanted to comment on the one minute interview with Mr. David Scott. In his campaign, he emphasized concepts like inclusion, transparency and communication, citing his belief that too much township business seemed to be done behind closed doors. I agreed with that in principle and voted for him.

Upon reading his interview, I get a different sense of Mr. Scott. While as a nation we are hung up on word choices and sensitivities, something can be learned by how people speak.

Mr. Scott came across to me as believing he was the only person who knows how anything should be done: “teaching the board,” telling callers “what’s the right way,” informing volunteers “it’s not going to be you operating and doing what you please,” and commanding them “this is going to stop.”

The responsibilities of this position and behaviors that served him well in past occupations may not align. I wonder if to achieve the goals on inclusion, transparency and communication, some leadership training might be advisable. Alternatively, if his only real goal was to “kick out” those who did not see the world his way, continuing the current path might be the expectation.

Michael G.
Commerce Township


Response to April 5 letter

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Tim S. of Commerce Township, for the reasoned, articulated letter as a response to “The Resistance Movement.” You listed the reasons millions of people object to Trump’s leadership: economic inequality, unconcern for the disadvantaged, concern about the military-industrial complex, and trying to stop free speech (I add Trump’s words “the media is the enemy.”) I add disputing scientists’ knowledge of global warming. It is necessary for the continuation of democracy that citizens be involved and vigilant about all forms of government, from school boards on up.

I think Tim’s letter should be sent to other local papers.

Hannah D.
Commerce Township


Walled Lake, Wixom, Commerce Trailway

Dear Editor, Walled Lake Mayor Ackley and area citizens,

I was shocked to learn that the Walled Lake mayor and some citizens did not value the trailway that is in the process of development.

I have been an avid bicyclist for 20 years. During this time, I have participated in 10 organized bike tours, many self-designed multi-day trips, and countless day trips with small groups. While biking in these groups, whether large or small, we always stop in towns to resupply our snacks and hydration fluids, lunch and shop. We plan our trips according to what the communities can provide. We gather for meals at trail heads. We return to these beautiful, convenient trails.

If you want to see how successful a trail asset can be, check out Rochester’s three-trail connection of the Paint Creek Trail, the Macomb Orchard Trail and the Clinton River Trail. Thousands of cyclists of all ages are riding these trails all summer, utilizing the businesses along the way.

I encourage everyone to recognize what a beautiful resource this trail way will be. What a joy it will be when this section connects with other nearby trails.

Please make a smart decision for positive growth in our community. Develop the trailway.

Sharyl K.
White Lake

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