2017-04-19 / Front Page

Save the Milford Railroad Depot efforts derail; ‘We just did not have enough time and money’


Members of the Save the Milford Railroad Depot have determined that they must end their efforts to disassemble, store and move the circa 1871 depot after nearly a year’s effort.

“We just did not have enough time and money,” explained Linda Dagenhardt, spokeswoman for the Save the Milford Railroad Depot group. “We probably had just barely enough to dismantle it, but that would have just been to dismantle it and store it. It was just too much money to put it in storage and nothing to show for it.”

“People who donated money…we didn’t want them disappointed when we didn’t have enough money to erect the depot in the park,” she added.

The group will return the larger donations, over $100, to the greatest extent possible.

Group members really couldn’t do much funding until they had a location, which was approved in October. Dagenhardt was pleased that they’d raised as much money as they had in such a short time frame, but, in December, the property finally was closed on and the group didn’t learn what the requirements were to allow them to relocate the historic depot there until the end of January.

April 1 was the deadline for everything to be removed from the site. While they did (just barely) have the money to do that, the group couldn’t guarantee anything beyond saving it and storing it.

“It was just bad timing, a lot of it,” said Dagenhardt.

The group wants to thank all those who donated, the dedicated volunteers and the Village of Milford for working with them to try to accomplish preservation of the building, she added.

“If we haven’t accomplished anything else, maybe we’ll have accomplished raising awareness,” she stated. “We didn’t win this round, but maybe we’ll try something else again…We did what we could do and I felt good about that.”

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