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New Village of Wolverine Lake councilmember ceremonially sworn in


Nathan Burd, administrator and clerk of the Village of Wolverine Lake (pictured at left), swears in David Dumont. 
(Photo submitted.) Nathan Burd, administrator and clerk of the Village of Wolverine Lake (pictured at left), swears in David Dumont. (Photo submitted.) David Dumont, recently appointed as a new councilmember for the Village of Wolverine Lake, is excited to be part of it.

The 39-year-old, who grew up in Livonia and graduated from Livonia Stevenson High School, is a licensed plumber and is currently is working on the new Red Wings arena.

Dumont moved to Wolverine Lake in 2003 when he bought his first house. Initially, he was planning to move again after a while, but decided Wolverine Lake was where he wanted to live.

“I had originally expected to live here for five years and move on,” he said. “I liked it so much that I didn’t want to move on. I like it in this community. There are constantly people out walking – families, kids, pets.”

Magee speaks about the council’s selection process and final choice

Council President John Magee said he was pleased at the number of applicants who applied for the open council seat search that culminated in Dumont’s selection. In total, five candidates applied for the position.

In order to maintain a balance of perspectives on the council, Magee added, it’s important to have members who live on the lake as well as those who don’t. “That’s an important perspective to keep on the council.”

“[The council] always wants to have as good a representation of the village as possible,” he said. “The more perspectives you can bring in, the odds are you’re going to make better decisions.”

Dumont was chosen for a few reasons, Magee said. “He’s been around the village a while; he’s been on the water board and was vice chair there. He has a pretty good grasp of how the village government works.”

“During the interview, he expressed his interest in continuing what we do on the council…be open to the public and run a good, solid government,” he added. “We think he’s got a good sense of working with people. He’s proven himself fairly open-minded in looking at problems and finding a solution.”

Dumont’s view of Wolverine Lake and the council’s work

Dumont has already been to his first council meeting Wednesday, April 12, and received a second, ceremonial swearing into office approximately two weeks after his formal swearing in. Since 2013, he’s served on the city’s Water Management Board as vice chair.

Once a year, on average, the Water Management Board has a joint meeting with council. From this experience, Dumont learned that “our council is remarkably respectful with each other. It’s obvious that everybody on our council has the same goal on their minds and that is to make Wolverine Lake even better than it is now.”

“This group of people wants what’s best for the people of Wolverine Lake,” he added.

So, when councilman Patrick Nagy moved out of state and Dumont learned there was an opening, he decided to apply and continue working on the council’s goals.

His application process started with a letter to the administrator/clerk and he went through a panel interview in front of the entire council.

“I was fortunate enough they chose me; they had a lot of candidates,” Dumont stated. It was a swift process, from his point of view. “I found out about the opening and a month later, I was seated.”

As of right now, he added, “I am definitely in the learning process.” He’s also had to step down from his role as vice chair on the Water Management Board to take the council position.

When asked about his goals a councilmember, he clarified, “I didn’t join this council with an agenda of my own; I simply want to work with the council persons.” That said, issues he’s seen come up recently before the council include lake management and parks management. (He’s also been appointed as the council’s new liaison to the parks and recreation committee.)

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