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Beer here! Rustic Leaf Brewing Co. to open in Waterford late spring


Doug Neubeck (left) and Scott Wymer (right) will open Rustic Leaf Brewing Company in Waterford later this spring. Doug Neubeck (left) and Scott Wymer (right) will open Rustic Leaf Brewing Company in Waterford later this spring. After years of home brewing in his garage, Doug Neubeck’s dreams of one day opening his own brewery are finally coming true.

Neubeck, of White Lake, and his longtime friend Scott Wymer, of Commerce Township, are the brains behind Rustic Leaf Brewing Company, which is set to open in Waterford later this spring.

“We’re taking a passion that started as a brew operation in a garage and turning it into a dream come true,” Neubeck said. “It’s what every homebrewer wants to do; they all want to open up a brewery someday. We were just lucky enough to meet the right people and have them push us along the way.”

Neubeck began home brewing beer six years ago after a mutual friend, who started brewing beer as a way to save money while living in Venice Beach, California, turned him on to it. He immediately fell in love. Since then, Rustic Leaf has been growing their following on social media, and been a regular at the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Brewed in Michigan Event, where they offer samplings of their beers to rave reviews. “I just took it from here and ran,” he said. “We did a lot of local samplings and that’s when I kind of had the aha moment of, ‘I’m doing something right here, I need to start my own business’.”

Neubeck asked Wymer to come on board after hosting a beer sampling at his house. After all of the positive feedback they received, they decided to pursue their dreams and open their own brewery. Since then, the two have been inseparable, traveling to breweries and networking with owners, putting their plan into motion.

The two made the decision to set up shop in Waterford after determining it was an underserved market.

“Living out this way, I’ve watched every craft beer store, party store and gas station exponentially expand their craft beer section,” Neubeck said. “Right then I knew that there was a huge need for a brewery in this area. Plus, looking at the map, there’s nothing close to here in this whole corridor. The closest one was on the east side and then all the way out in Howell.”

Once open, Rustic Leaf will be located in a 3,200-square-foot facility off M-59 in Waterford. The inside will feature a “rustic with slight industrial feel” with various wood patterns. The bar and community seating areas will be made of reclaimed wood. Additionally, most of the décor will be supplied by local artists.

The brewery will not have an operating kitchen, but instead will be food friendly. Neubeck and Wymer have already begun partnerships with several nearby restaurants and carryout stations.

There will be 10 beers on tap at all times, four to five of which will be rotating seasonal and/or collaboration beers. Their most popular beers so far are the Silverback Double IPA, and Sea Hag Scotch Ale. Other selections include the Noctem Aeternum American Stout, Go-Zilla Gose, Riverfront Pale Ale, Root Beer Stout, Rustic Leaf Amber Founding Father Ale, and Porter 59.

Although they do not plan to open for a few more weeks, Neubeck says anticipation has already been growing by followers of the brewery and area craft beer connoisseurs.

“Because we’re up here so often, numerous people drive by, stop by or walk in and tell us how excited they are,” Neubeck said. “We receive emails and messages through Facebook about how they’ve been following us for years and they’re excited that we’re finally opening up someplace.”

Rustic Leaf Brewing Company will be located at 7200 Highland Road in Waterford. For more information, visit rusticleafbrewingcompany.com or find them on Facebook.

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