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Dear Editor,

I read about the pedestrian who was killed in this week’s news and I reflect upon the countless times I see people dressed in dark clothing while walking across Beck and across Pontiac Trail roads. It irks me that they are so careless, inconsiderate and completely unaware of the danger they put themselves in. Nobody wishes to mortally injure pedestrians. It would be a tragedy that the driver and the family will mourn.

Years back, a good friend’s husband died when hit by a vehicle. He was wearing a black sweat suit and was jogging the same route he had always jogged for many years. The broken hearts of his many children and widow wear hard to bear. As his casket was lowered into the ground there were no dry eyes; not even of those who did not know him but came as a community for moral support.

I am asking parents to monitor what their children walk into the night wearing. I am asking parents who think they are large enough to be seen that they are dead wrong. Headlights are not that perfect that you can see somebody that is wearing all dark clothing.

Finally, I wish to cite the kids who live at the Village Apartments. Please, even in daylight, do not play games with drivers as you cross the road. The arrogance is unbelievable. The drivers care about your lives. It is foolish to play chicken in the road or even pose like you are challenging a driver. What if you slip up and fall into a car’s path?

I hope this message of concern will make parents and their children more aware. Halloween is a few weeks away so take care.



Wixom ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear Editor,

As the November 4th elections approaches I want to appeal to all citizens to educate themselves about the candidates running for state and national office. Too many politicians have been elected based on emotions and not facts.

Each individual needs to ask themselves how the recent ‘Obamacare’ health reform has impacted their lives and pocketbooks. Please consider if candidates support amnesty for illegal aliens and how that will affect your future taxes and employment. Who do you believe can best deal with the ISIS threat and extremist Islamic terrorists?

Every politician is going to run major advertisements to pull on your heartstrings. Take time to look into how they have voted and what they really stand for before giving them your vote. Your kids and grandkids will only have a better, stronger America if you intelligently get involved.

Vote November 4th.


Eric G.

Wixom ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear Editor:

I have been a parent of children in the Walled Lake School District for thirteen years. My oldest son graduated from Walled Lake Central in June and is now attending Michigan State University. My youngest son is in seventh grade at Walnut Creek Middle School so I will be a Walled Lake parent until the year 2020.

I have been involved with the schools since my oldest was in kindergarten and am currently serving as the PTSA President at Central. It is a pleasure to work with such an outstanding group of individuals. The parents, administrators, teachers, counselors and everyone that I have worked with over the years have been top notch, which is why realtors still use “Walled Lake Schools” as a selling point for their homes being listed.

On Tuesday, November 4th I urge you and your readers to vote for the RENEWAL for the operating millage for Walled Lake Schools. This operating millage represents $30 million of the district’s $154 million budget, approximately twenty percent.

Most importantly, this millage is the same millage that every school district in the state must pass every ten years to keep their local funding as is required by Proposal A. There is NO change to the amount levied – this is a RENEWAL to operate our schools.

Thank you for voting YES on Tuesday, November 4th for our WLCSD children and our community.


Beth H.

Commerce Township ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear Editor,

First it was State Rep. Hugh Crawford saying the republicans would vote to raise taxes after the election now it is Rick Snyder.

Snyder called for increased road funding when this legislature started back in January 2013 saying we were not adequately funding our roads (he had cut road funding in his 2011 budget by 12 percent.) Two years of roadwork seasons later and still not getting his own party to agree, Snyder says if he is re-elected he will try to get the legislature, which is controlled by his party, to vote on a tax increase. I say it is too late for him. He has failed at leading.

Now the results are in on his huge business tax cut and increased taxes on us saying it would bring jobs. Michigan gained more jobs before the tax shift then after and studies now show businesses rate roads and infrastructure higher than taxes in choosing a location.

Also, polls now show education and jobs at first and second with voters and roads at third, so with Novi school superintendent stating that Snyder did take money out of our schools it clearly shows Rick has failed on all three top issues with voters.

With Crawford term limited we have the opportunity to send Jasper Catanzaro to Lansing to represent the 38th district. Jasper will fight for proper funding for our schools and our community no matter whose party is in charge. He is a proven problem solver and will work for the benefit of all.

But keep in mind our x-CEO Governor has already tried and failed so we should replace him too. Perhaps with someone who understands government is not a business and that it is to see to the people needs and let business worry about profit.

Cynthia C.

Novi ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear Editor,

Since I was a District Judge in northwest Oakland County for 34 years from 1969 to 2003, I have been following the race for District Judge in southwest Oakland County, the Novi District Court, with some interest.

Running for a non-partisan seat of a District Judge has some advantages and disadvantages. The District Judge does not have the political issues of lower taxes, improved roads, better education, low unemployment, and on and on that a political candidate has.

All a District Judge has is his or her reputation for diligent and conscientious work habits. The District Judge should present himself or herself as someone who wants to make coming to court a positive experience. Appearing in court should be a growth experience. Since everyone coming to court is in some sort of trouble, the judge must be thoughtful and frankly kind. The judge should make the situation better not worse.

Recall the biblical admonition, “You cannot serve two masters.” Recall the popular symbol of justice as the blindfolded lady with the sword and scales. The blindfold represents total lack of bias and prejudice. The scripture suggestion that we be as wise as serpents and as simple as doves applies especially the judges. The judge must strive for a hint of the wisdom of Solomon.

You be the judge, but I would give the vote to Travis Reeds.

Thank you.

Gerald M.


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