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Health of White Lake Teen Hit By Car Slowly Improving


Dillon Bond, 14, of White Lake was hit by a car while crossing M-59 in mid-December. The accident left the teen in a medically induced coma. Dillon Bond, 14, of White Lake was hit by a car while crossing M-59 in mid-December. The accident left the teen in a medically induced coma. Community support is growing everyday for a White Lake teen who was hit by a car on December 13.

Dillon Bond, 14, was hit by a car while attempting to cross the road to go to a ski lodge on M-59 with friends in mid-December. The incident left Bond in a medically-induced coma and in intensive care at a Michigan-based hospital. According to White Lake Police, the driver of the vehicle will not be charged.

Today, the teen’s health is making progress. No longer in a medically-induced coma, Bond responds to some stimuli and will squeeze a hand with some coaxing. He has yawned twice, moved his legs and raised his forearm. He is still on a ventilator, but is given three hours a day to breathe on his own.

Bond’s mother, Rebecca, posts updates on her son’s health on the “Pray For Storms” Facebook page.

“This afternoon Dillon had surgery to place a trach in his throat to replace the ventilator he had helping him breathe. This will allow him less infection,” she wrote on the Facebook page on Friday, January 3. “I can finally see his face more clearly and he seems so much more comfortable now. He actually made some facial expressions … which was a new movement that had us very excited. Praying he will wake up soon.”

The teen is off all sedation and pain pills, only taking them as needed. But a major concern for doctor’s and family is that his eyes are still fixated.

“He (Bond) has shown a lot of positive signs in all of this, but there is damage to a sensitive area of his brain. We are remaining hopeful and trying to stay positive in all of this,” Bond’s older brother, Winter Frandsen, said.

The local and online community has come together to show their support for the injured teen.

An avid Xbox player who goes by the screen tag Auto/Aria Storm, Bond’s gaming friends have put together YouTube videos to show their support. The fundraising and support campaign has become known as “Pray for Storms” because of Bond’s username.

In addition to the fundraising efforts that Frandsen started which has raised over $6,000, members of the community are leading their own effort. The Juarez Sisters Band, comprised of Bond’s classmates, performed at Billy’s Tip-N-Inn on January 2. Donations, which were accepted throughout the performance, totaled over $2,000.

“The fundraising efforts are going great. Yes, it seems a bit overwhelming, but we do not want people to get the wrong picture about the fundraising because we do not believe in ‘posturing’ Dillon for any false cause,” Frandsen said. “ We really do appreciate all the support the community and the growing number of followers are showing towards Dillon. It’s truly amazing.”

According to Frandsen, the monies raised from various fundraisers will be used towards his brother’s accumulating medical costs as well as rehabilitation.

“Dillon will be in the hospital, I am told, for several months, and will continue to go through physical rehab for up to a year or more,” Frandsen said. “The fact is, we just don’t know what his condition will be (cognitively speaking) when he wakes up.”

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